Values that bind people at Sangraha Karigar Atelier and Sangraha Sab Tera together

Value 01. Sangraha Karigar Atelier


In our organisation, Truthfulness is at the root of everything. Each product, service and process have originality, honesty, and straightforwardness. This keeps the value of Indianness, and all our processes grounded in sustainable practices that value expertise and perfection. Everything we do is with collective integrity and transparency.

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Specialist- Integration of Making

"My desire was to have my own house on rent, as even after marriage I had to stay with parents due to marginal earning. I wanted to flaunt in garments I created get myself photographed."


For women in orthodox society in Lucknow it is unconventional to work and earn for household besides doing some embroidery from home. Sabbo participated in the craft design course run by Sangraha in 2016, and now manages the production wing of the artisan run brand. She loves to embroiderer and travel. She has actively travelled for various exhibitions to Delhi & Mumbai.

She is the only woman in her family to work from 9 am to 5 pm and ride her own two-wheeler to office. She now has additional income for family, has her own rented house and her wards go to school. Sabbo enjoys her work and while embroidering shares jokes with her co-workers.