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- S A N G R A H VCDF -

A metaphor of sincerity to vernacular crafts, arts and its practitioners

A legacy of truthfulness integrated into every miniscule of Training and Artwork creation



At Sangraha Atelier, Truthfulness is at the root of everything. Each product, service and process have originality, honesty, and straightforwardness. This keeps the value of Indianness, and all our processes grounded in sustainable practices that value expertise and perfection. Everything we do is with collective integrity and transparency.


Stimulated to create a service that will change outlook towards artisans, and eventually the lead to excellence in craft, Sangraha Atelier, ever since its inception has been a change bearer. From involving artisans in the design process, reviving extinct stitches, sustaining wages that artisans have never been offered in this region.


Sangraha Atelier sincerely believes in ethical exchange with the local craft, culture and its people. The essence of working lies in the art, craft, stories, and vernacular folklore. our practices care for people through financial independence, training opportunities and cultural experiences, health benefits and involvement in planning their future.


At Sangraha Atelier, we are passionate about achieving the highest standards of perfection in craft and associated processes, always promoting meritocracy. Co-working practices and Human Centred Design approach support us to create parameters of excellence in embroidery, processes and experiences we create.


Sangraha Atelier invests in building a community of people and partners, enabling continuous exchange, learning, and building caring and collaborative relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Creative processes for us is a provocateur and an equalizer whereby learning and sharing become progressive ideals. 


Sangraha Atelier builds on tradition and vernacular systems with commitment to environmental and social principles in our business, ensuring that all that we do, and use is sustained to bear rewards for many more. We are committed to using naturally created raw materials and botanically beneficial processes in the local geographies.


Sangraha Atelier articulates the narratives of crafts, its workmanship and legacy by reinterpreting them innovatively and ethically. Our premise is that "hands are not isolated from heart and soul in a craft". Every hand and mind that touches the product in making becomes a protagonist in the story. We curate experiences about the local heritage.

Sangraha's commitment to connect art, design with custodians of craft.

Proud of Indian Culture

The Indian art and culture -inspired products and artworks.
We turn to artists and designers who work on Indian concepts to create an indigenous Indian design language embroidery otherwise dominated by Persian art.


Jaspal Kalra

We chose to be handcrafted

Chikankari embroidery is an ancient craft. We connect with skill to keep the workmanship alive. For a Chikankari or Zardosi product of high finesse it takes 2 hands to work tirelessly for days to insert needle in fabric for at least 50,000 times in a single product.

Collect a masterpiece in human artistry to treasure for generations.


“We want our artisans to be passionate about their craft and embroidering becomes a delight for them. We believe that art, technology and honesty can lead to social innovation needed for development of communities in India. Change is individualistic and we only try to nurture a desire to develop and grow”

Dr. Jaspal Singh Kalra
Co-Founder, Sangraha VCDF

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