Sangraha has been doing pioneering work in the revival of Chikankari embroidery since 2015. The unrelenting pursuit of excellence by the team at Sangraha is evidenced in their product line embellished with exquisite Chikankari.

In 2020 Sangraha and its team are working hard to support and sustain the community of artisans who may or may not be associated with the organisation.  This work-from-home community of artisans are in need of monetary support.  Share responsibility by owning Sab-Tera product or through bulk gifts from us for exchange of commitment to support this initiative.

As during testing times of second wave of Covid Sangraha Karigar Atelier transfers its organisational earning into Sab-Tera mission as per percentage chosen by you. Sab-Tera will transfer all funds to verified organisations that are distributing Oxygen and essentials to needy. This mission has been made perpetual and all funds collected in Sangraha Sab-Tera are used in welfare, training and well-being of artisans.

Just Shop and we will keep donating on your behalf.

Products that connect self with others through empathy

"Neither I am a just by hand nor a product, neither you can have for money nor price.

You may keep me or gift me to the world, I am a Hope and a Belief.

I become priceless when taken in gratitude, and when given with honor.

I am a promise, I am a means for my creator."

"न मैं सिर्फ हाथ का काम, न मैं एक सामान।

न मैं रॉक से, न मात्रा से।

मोको राख ले पास, मोको बाँट दे संसार में॥

मैं हूँ आस में, मैं तो तेरे विसवास में।

अमोल होये आभार में, होए प्रदान सत्कार में।

मैं तो हूँ वादे में, जनन के आधार में॥”

Sangraha: Sab-Tera,

founded in May 2020, 

is was initially based on Sacha Sauda principle of Guru Nanak Dev, It later adopted Sab-Tera as its identity with a belief that we all are part of others created by One Divine. Sharing is an act of acknowledging the Truth of Oneness. 

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