Cultural Responsibility


Creating experiences for our family of artisans

Our community is our backbone with whom we have built Sangraha as brand over the past 6 years. It is our vision to improve the quality of life and achieve inclusive growth for everyone associated with us. Growth is not mere economic sustenance rather engagement in design process, narrative and strategic planning.

As a testament to this, Sangraha is the first brand in the Chikankari cottage industry to offer medical insurance to all artisans, include signature of artisans in products, invest in education of artisans, benchmark wages in multiples prevailing market standards,  co-create products with vernacular sensibility- the creating own benchmark for human rights in the workplace.

Bonding Together with the Community

During the challenging time of Pandemic and the economic recession that followed, the team at Sangraha started a mission to support artisans in need. We didn't believe in giving donations nor the artisans found it dignified to get alms.

Sangraha started a project on Gift Economy to support the artisans in need to create mask

There for no limit to quantity, it was just created, distributed, purchased, gifted and the economy continued.

Starting from the first contribution of Rs 501, this project did not stop. There are more products, more artisans, more markets and many more social contributions.

Each atelier is a philosophy co-created by us with the artisans. Experiences and products may have variety but the principles and values bind us together.



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Cultural Responsibility



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Vernacular Sincerity



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Cultural Responsibility

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Cultural Responsibility

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Vernacular Sincerity



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On location at our Studio with the artisans

Training at Kalhath Institute

Ranjita is pursuing a one year long full time programme ta Kalhath Institute as part of on-job training initiative. 

Shaqib and Mehjabi have undertaken part time modules on Computer Skills.

Skill Upgradation training of women

35 new artisans had joined as work from home team under Sab-Tera mission. The initiative was conceptualised to support needy artisans with work during difficult time of pandemic. 9 women artisans from them have been trained to upgrade skills to join the Sangraha Karigar Atelier and 4 for Sangraha Sat́ (सत्) and Sacha Sauda team.

Exposure of artisans

Our artisans have travelled international for workshops and exhibitions. They have also represented the brand at Lakme Fashion Week in 2018.


Health and Well-being

Each artisan in our core team has a medical insurance cover from third party worth two hundred thousand rupees. Work from home avails free medical check-up and we intend to cover them under medical insurance by end of 2021.

Regular drives on health care and vaccination are organised for artisan community.