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Meera Goradia

Meera has been working with the artisanal sectors across India since 1989. She has worked in various capacities such as development of artisan groups, business management & exports as well as leading a craft institution to national visibility.

Meera feels that the skills these groups have inherited/learnt through time define the native intelligence and identity of India. They also consitute a way of life and thinking that is disappearing rapidly. It is essential to conserve these practices so that they remain the source of our identity and inspiration.

Meera has worked in various forums,( NGOs and commercial bodies) to promote and sustain the interests of these highly skilled craft producers. As Director of KHAMIR, she led various artisan development programs for backend development like the development of the local Kala cotton, forging forward linkages for new markets, building teams, growing the institution, networking and fund raising. Since 2016, she has been consultaing organizations like Jaypore, AIACA, IMG Reliance and continues to be associated with Khamir.

Specialties: Business development & management of small scale enterprises, creative direction, management of human resources and incubation of value added products and services.

Meera Goradia
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