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Jaspal Kalra


One cannot comprehend Him through reasons, even if one reasoned for ages.

— Guru Nanak

Expression through Bani is an internal dialogue whereby I try to interpret with empathy, oneness and holistic self. My journey of art is a personal expression done for myself, a mystery that I attempt to comprehend with my mind. Art is not about deciphering or finding reasons but simplifying the complexities. The intangible and invisible spirit becomes a manifestation in my art through the verses that become symbolic with the beauty of Nature.  

This personal expression of setting text in artworks has been part of my style for more than a decade, and when my mother left for her eternal journey, it transformed into interpretation. The artworks have metaphors and signs that take forms, but also attempting to express the essence through the iconography. My Mother was initial guide to interpret the Bani. These works now engage my soul to have a reflection with myself and hopefully it does with others. Each stroke or creation is a process of learning and understanding the Divinity through His creations. 

The engagement with the artisan transfers me to a state of bliss when the minds and expressions connect. It's an attempt to capture the combination of comprehensions that two make when working in tandem. This possibly makes it an Artwork.


When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you, a joy.


I work towards discovery of spiritual realism and my truthfulness of my soul through medium of embroidery.

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