"Alekha is an attempt to capture the essence, vitality and grace of paintings like Pichwai and traditional illustrated manuscripts onto drapes and products that mystify the surroundings. The collection integrates varying classic lotus, peacock, parrot, cows, shrubs, banana, cyprus and fruits onto the canvas of cotton in chikankari and artiwork.


" The Avadh Memoirs is an ecstasy of creating stories in chikankari of the bygone era, designs, workmanship and essence into a single outfit. Each silhouette has been a canvas for artisans to engrave memories of what Lucknow remembers from its past: shikargah, mehrab, dastangoi.... The collection integrates varying classic Avadhi motifs onto cotton fabric, giving each outfit new flavor.


" This collection is the state of craftsperson who live under a wrapped in sweet experiences of their skills. The workmanship that gives them means also created boundaries that make them live in sobriety and seclusion. Entrench is the collective power that the craft gives to its possessor to ward of odds and live in a celebration of prosperity that they embroider on the calico.
The line celebrates linearity which is something that we see as a boundary or a thread that creates a bond of aesthetic whilst respecting the individuality of artisan and the wearer. The slubs and striped pattern balances the lightness and delicacy of white cotton.

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