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Preserving and propagating excellence of art and craft practice and creating value-based systems for its practitioners.


Supporting social and economic recognition of vernacular craft and art practitioners through art and design collaborations for their education, engagement and exchange of experiences.

Crafts of India are a vernacular knowledge that is bundled with technique and innovation

Sangraha started as a project of Dr Jaspal Kalra, during his doctoral research in 2015. ‘Sangraha’ in hindi means for group of people and also commitment to sustaining heritage (Sangrahalya or museum) The word in itself expresses the vision behind it which was co-working with artisans in collaboration and reviving heritage.

Human Centered Design is a key to all our activities for craft sustenance. Empathy with the artisans gives us the vision to look at the craft from their viewpoint, thus giving us the opportunity to understand their lives and their work which leads to the enhancement of their confidence in craft practice.

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