A metaphor of excellence in every stitch and Product

Sangraha's 50 artisans create authentic craft products since 2015.

Daswandh se Sab Tera

Sangraha is transparent about expenses on a product and its value. We donate ten percent of organisation margin for social development from each product of Sangraha Karigar Atelier and full margin of Sangraha Sab Tera products. We let our customers choose if they want us to contribute more (10-100%) to verified covid relief organisation. That's Sab Tera when we see self in others.

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Shop our products that signify responsibility towards community and society.

SINCE 2015

Located on the banks of the Gomti in Avadh, Sangraha is the sets its own benchmarks of honesty and excellence. But there’s more to us than our craft. The narratives of craft and its excellence worth archival are kept alive in our Studio. Meet the company behind the product and excellence.


Our Brands

Each Brand is a philosophy and narrative of Artisans
We stress on creativity and mentor artisans to create their own ateliers.


Sangraha Karigar Atelier