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Projects listed below require your support.


1) Karigari aur Hunar ki Pathshala (Annual Expenses): To offer free skill enhancement training to existing women embroiderers, so that they may realise financial independence and social equality. We sustain this project through revenue of products that artisans create during this project and support from our well-wishers. We need INR 3,90,000 per annum to sustain this venture.  


For Donations within India, else write to us at

2) Ekas di Chadar: We try to spread the message of Oneness in shabad of Baba Nanak to the world using craft as a medium. We engage with artisans to create artworks and also create opportunities for them to work with artist on vivid themes. The creation of artworks for various artist funds this project partly. To continue hosting exhibitions of these artworks we need your support. We need INR 10,00,000 to sustain the series of exhibition in 5 cities in India.


3) Shilpi ke liye Gyan- Craft & Art Epic: 6 Credit Module: 1 month workshop with 5 Chikankari artisans is scheduled in November/ December 2022 whereby they would be given exposure to new possibilities of embroidery and using play of yarns and embroidery to create works of art. Interactions with artist, visits to museums, galleries will expose them to concept of narrating through art. They would be exposed to various philosophies to pick up a topic of current social interest to create artworks.

This would open their mind to new possibilities, innovation and opportunity seeking to believe in potential of their craft. These selected artworks would be a part of upcoming series of exhibition 'Sutr Santiti' in India and overseas. The workshop would cost approx INR 91,000. Support our cause to retain interest in craft. The concept for 2022 is 'Kerat Karo' to translate the Philosophy of Oneness engrained in farming.



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