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Karigari aur Hunar ki Pathshala

In 2020 owing to challenging situation 35 new artisans had joined as work from home team under Sab-Tera mission, they were mentored, motivated and guided for skill enhancement.

The initiative was conceptualised to support needy artisans with work during difficult time of pandemic.


The artisans are taken through a structured skill enhancement programme by master trainers. The trainees are provided financial support through work while learning initiative.


Synopsis of Skill Enhancement

  • Need based pratice oriented working to enhance finesse of stitches.

  • Reference to artifacts of excellence to establish bechmarks and motivate artisans.

  • Understanding of technique and Design of the practised craft.

  • Continued mentoring for embroidery enhancement.

  • Appreciation of composition of stitches aesthetically.


9 women artisans from them have been trained to upgrade skills to join the Sangraha Karigar Atelier and 4 for Sangraha Sat́ (सत्) and Sacha Sauda team.

Power in Numbers


Artisans Impacted




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