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Shilpi ke liye Gyan

Craft & Art Epic: 6 Credit Module

A structured programme to enhance artisan’s awareness about exploring opportunity of using craft in context of art. Expression of ideas, narratives in with personalised depiction will be the core of this module and would be guided by a practising artist.


Knowledge and Understanding

After completing this module artisan student should be able to:

·       Appreciate role of concept development in contemporary variants of craft using vernacular legends and philosophies.

Skills, Qualities and attribute

After completing this module artisan student should be able to:

·       Compose embroidery in various modes to enhance existing exemplar of heritage/ contemporary art.

·       Explore the craft technique to express an inspiration in embroidery on textile and non-textile ground.

The intended generic learning outcomes

  • The module supports opportunities to explore possibilities in craft workmanship.


A synopsis of the module

This module enhances the embroidery practice of the artisan student through ideation and exploration of craft techniques. It enhances skill of artisan student in composing various stitches of embroidery in new concepts. The module would be supported with master artisan residency who would give exposure to various levels of workmanship to create self-realisation of one’s skill and potential. The understanding of contemporary embroidery practice will be referenced through available resources/ archives. Documentation of crafted artworks would present the association of self with art world through embroidery practice.

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